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[Beta] Project Malgate

Online Tower Defense Crafting Madness with RPG Mechanics · By TapTouchClick


Recent updates

The Silence
It has been weeks since we've published any updates and we are beginning to feel an inner sense of guilt leaving the community in silence. On that note it's bee...
The Big Bang Beta
At last, its time to comfortably move into a beta testing stage. While there is a lot lacking in the department of thrilling game-play and meaningful interactio...
Saving Server State
This past week we added in the ability for the server to save it's state and load from the saved file. This is an amazing feat as a persistent world is one of t...
New Features Added
With goals to implement new features daily the first players have made it abundantly clear what they would like added next. Crafting, obviously. With each new p...
1 file
I was keeping the game a private project until now. I felt, until now, that I needed to save my game for some private unvailing. Who knows how long that kind of...
Map Editor for Sandbox Development
I have developed a tool to assist in testing out the world system and it's working better than expected. Before I was using Tiled and exporting to CSV which I l...
1 file
Camera Controllers & World Prototyping
Hey guys, I've decided to use as a place to manage the development log. These past few weeks I haven't really had as much time as I would have liked to...

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