Saving Server State

This past week we added in the ability for the server to save it's state and load from the saved file.

This is an amazing feat as a persistent world is one of the main dynamics that will encourage competition.  Currently the server saves every 15 seconds, which in itself introduces a bit of latency while saving. We've deemed this a worth-while trade off and can further improve the save file size by only saving required data and excluding data like animation sequences and gravity as they will be static on the server regardless of save point.

We've also went about adding a very crude login/registration system so you can be sure each time you return to the game you are playing right where you left off. This needs some major work but for demonstration, it will serve it's purpose. Currently entering a username that doesn't exist and a password will register a user. To log back into that user you will need to use the same password each time.

Next I will be sorting out the registration system and hopefully including a facebook login button to speed things up for the user and get them right into the game.

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