Camera Controllers & World Prototyping

Hey guys,

I've decided to use as a place to manage the development log. 

These past few weeks I haven't really had as much time as I would have liked to work on the game. I did manage to squeeze in some time developing the Camera Control System including a First and Third Person Camera System. This is a core aspect of the game and should be shaped around gameplay just as much as it will shape gameplay. 

After getting the Camera Control System to a point that  I like I decided to move forward creating a world system for the players. A goal has always been to have all players on the same server. Or appear to be in the same world. This has been a challenge so far in every implementation but thanks to the scale ability of a node based server network I think we should be over this hurdle; for now.

Currently the map is made up of a matrix of 1000x1000 tiles. There is no height_map at this time. The idea is that each player will start off inside of their own generated matrix and upon tutorial completion their matrix will be merged with the existing world. 

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