New Features Added

With goals to implement new features daily the first players have made it abundantly clear what they would like added next.

Crafting, obviously. With each new player I find myself doing my best to avoid the pitfall of trying to explain it to them. As a developer and designer I should have this information readily available and easy to understand. In game hints are only a good solution for a player who is stuck. Not for a player who is exploring.

Today we've added a few new features to the game;

  • Collision Detection between players and map objects
  • Global Chat for testing purposes.
  • Ability to collect logs from trees using the Summon Axe Glyph
  • Stacking & Moving resources

By the end of the day I hope to add in some abandoned workshops. These will be the main dynamic in beginning gameplay. After spawning players will need to find a workshop. Players will have no way to craft items without a workshop or other in game crafting methods. Similar to crafting in some ways, players will however be able to summon from their glyphs. Glyphs cannot be crafted. Glyphs/Artifacts/Blueprints are found scattered around the world. Each having its own energy / level requirements.

Before getting into these systems there is a bit more work to do.

Stay Tuned :)


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May 26, 2018

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