Malgate is a MMO Role-Playing Game you can play right in your browser. You can play as a lone wolf or find a group of friends to explore with. In the game you start as a character who finds themselves in a strange world, in which they are lost and alone, their resources the prey of other players. Collect resources, NPCs, and power-stones and organize an empire that make your opponents turn in fear. 

How to Play:

Move your character around with typical "WASD" movement.
SHIFT: Sprint
CTRL: Look Around
1-6: Hotbar Items
V: Hello

Recently Added Features:

  • Player Owned Grids (for tutorial/access purposes)
  • Collision Prevention
  • Persistent User Accounts (Log In / Register)
  • World Interactions
  • First Person Controls
  • Third Person Controls
  • Terrestrial System & World Editor

Features Coming Next:

  • Dossier System
  • Settings & Controls
  • World Monuments
  • Resource Harvesting System
  • Non Player Characters & Companions

Development log